Teaching the Chubbuck Technique

There are currently a growing number of acting teachers across the country, and indeed around the world, that are teaching the Chubbuck Technique. Many of these schools and teachers, from the USA, Canada, Sweden, France, England, Israel, The Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Italy, The Philippines, and Columbia are proving to be quite successful. In that light, we want to help the growing number of schools maintain a level of quality of training that is consistent with the high standards of the Ivana Chubbuck Studio. We offer a certification program that enables acting teachers to come to Los Angeles and be trained by Ivana Chubbuck, to properly teach the Chubbuck Technique. We will supply the tools, techniques and training one needs to teach the Chubbuck Technique successfully.We want this program to raise the level of quality and to standardize actor training. It is our goal that when an actor enters a program with the Ivana Chubbuck Studio name attached to it, they can expect the same level of training they will receive in our Los Angeles school. At the end of the training program, the teacher trainee will become officially accredited to teach the Chubbuck Technique.







Contact us for more information at ivanachubbuckstudio@mac.com

Overseas Accredited Teachers/Schools

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS: Romy Irene Wuyts chubbuckeurope@hotmail.com | www.romyirene.com
HOLLAND AND BELGIUM: Ingrid Wender iwender@dds.nl
ARGENTINA AND URUGAY: Ernesto Dominguez www.ernestodominguez.com | dominguezmail@gmail.com
AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: Caroline Simone O’Brien carolineactor@gmail.com | www.facebook.com/CarolineActor Tel: +1 206 427 9849
ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: www.filmtv.com.au
MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, AND ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA: Lyndelle Green lyndellegreen@gmail.com
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: www.16thstreet.com.au
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: www.filmtv.com.au
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Anthony Wong brandonhero@yahoo.com.au
BELGIUM: Romy Irene Wuyts chubbuckeurope@hotmail.com | www.romyirene.com
BRAZIL: Marina Rigueira chubbuckbrasil@gmail.com | Tel: +55 21 99584-7191
BRAZIL: Caetano Omaihlan cae.omaihlan@gmail.com
BRAZIL: Bruna Fachetti Contact: TBA
BULGARIA: Violet Tcherkin info@violettcherkin.com
CHINA, HONG KONG, MACAU, TAIWAN: Maurice Hake official@ivanachubbuckchina.cn
CHINA, HONG KONG, MACAU, TAIWAN: Helen Tao official@ivanachubbuckchina.cn
DENMARK: Thure Lindhardt
DENMARK, SWEDEN, NORWAY: Kari Vide www.karividoe.dk | Tel: +45 31181961 (Actors & Directors)
EGYPT: Marwa Gabriel starzegypt@gmail.com
ESTONIA: Tanel Toom taneltoom@gmail.com | www.taneltoom.com
FINLAND, SWEDEN, NORWAY: Inga Marja Sarre inga.marja@sarre.no (Sami language/culture)
FRANCE: Eva Bossaer bossaer.evacha@gmail.com | Portable: +33 661 24 58 96
Patrice Ortega ortega.patrice@gmail.com | Portable: +33-688 94 19 21
GERMANY: Jochen Schoelch chubbucktraining@gmail.com
BERLIN, GERMANY: Frank Betzelt fb@coachingteamfb.de | http://www.coachingteamfb.de
MUNICH, GERMANY: Sebastian Gerold sebastian@sebastiangerold.de
INDONESIA, SINGAPORE, and VIETNAM: Asun Mawardi, Ph.D asun.mawardi@gmail.com | Tel: +62-21 472-1326
ISRAEL: Shahar Rozen shahar.rozen@gmail.comchubbuck.israel@gmail.com
ISRAEL: Alon Neuman aloncheek@gmail.com
ISTANBUL, TURKEY: Harika Uygur harika@harikauygur.com
ITALY: Patrizia De Santis agente.patriziadesantis@gmail.com
ITALY: Doris von Thury dorisvonthury@gmail.com
JAPAN: Tetsuya Shiraishi tinton@inthevortex.co.jp
JAPAN: Tori, Tori Studios toristudio.tokyo@gmail.com Tel: +81-80-2107-6076
JAPAN: Kaz Ittetsu Takahashi 高橋 一哲 chubbuckjapan@gmail.com | www.chubbuck-japan.com
LONDON, ENGLAND AND UK: Patrick Regis yangsoa@aol.com
LONDON, ENGLAND AND UK: Christina Chong chongcoaching@gmail.com
LONDON, ENGLAND: Anthony Green anthonygreencontact@gmail.com
LONDON, ENGLAND: Tanel Toom taneltoom@gmail.com | www.taneltoom.com
NORWAY: Ingri Enger Damon ingenda@hotmail.com
NORWAY: Vera Holte vera@holteproduksjoner.no
PARIS, FRANCE: Carlos Thions carlos.thions@gmail.com Portable: +33-660-798-300
PHILIPPINES: Rahyan Carlos rahyancarlos@yahoo.com
ROMANIA: Cristina Juks cia.juks@gmail.com Tel: +0741376977
RUSSIA: Olga Ogurtsova producer@star-agency.ru Tel: +79258462514
SPAIN/PORTUGAL: Frank Feys actorsworkshop@gmail.com | Tel: 0034 649 102 420
SWEDEN: Elisabet Sevholt elisabetsevholt@gmail.com
TORONTO, CANADA: Ingrid Hart ingrid@ingridhartcoaching.ca