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These are monthly ongoing classes that apply the Ivana Chubbuck Technique in a cold reading format and teach students all about the audition process.

The success ratio of students booking jobs from this class has been huge. Over 75% of the students who have brought in auditions to work on in class have either booked the job or gotten a call-back.

Classes are capped at 12 people so everyone gets to work each week. Students are given material from current pilots, TV shows, and movies when class starts, but they may also bring in their auditions to work on.
Here’s what students have been saying about the class:

  • “David taught me not worry about the lines. I’ve never felt so free auditioning.”
  • “I know it’s a cold reading class, but David helped me find substitutions I didn’t know I had. My inner work has never been stronger.”
  • “I’ve gotten call backs on every audition since I started the class, and I wasn’t getting them before.”
  • “I booked 2 jobs in 3 months since joining David’s class. One I booked right after working on the scene in class!”

Industry guests are brought in at the end of each month to help the students get to the next level by actually watching scenes and giving notes, as they would from a real audition. Students are encouraged to bring in their head shots to these industry veterans, who have hired students straight from the class.

Past industry guests have included:

  • Casting Director Ken Miller (2.5 Men, Big Bang Theory)
  • Casting Director Heidi Levitt (The Rock, Natural Born Killers)
  • Executive Producer Jed Seidel (Terriers, Ghost Whisperer)
  • Producer Paul Neesan (Courage Under Fire, Smurfs)
  • Executive VP of Imagine and former VP at Fox Searchlight – Jeremy Steckler
  • Director John Asher (One Tree Hill)
  • Manager/Producer Seth Howard (Mutant X)


$225.00 a month for students currently enrolled at the studio.

$325.00 a month for all other students.

Class Monitor: Alain Mesa